Tuesday, December 20, 2011


baru-baru ni aku kehilangan barang paling berharga dalam hidup aku.
antara barang2 berharga laa.
nasib baik yang lain selamat.huhu
aku seperti mak kehilangan anak selama sejam.
ke hulur ke hilir,tertonggek-tonggek mencari-cari.
selepas tuh aku give up,memang sah! kena curi takle watpe da.
dengan perasaan berbaur cuak dan sedih.
cuak sebab aku tak hafal no sape2 pon selain mak aku dan no aku sendiri.hehe
sedih sebab...aku rase kehilangan half of me.
very sad indeed,breakup pon aku tak nangis.

so, i broke down in the train,cryin my heart out.then, a girl about my age comforted me,so sweet of her...huhu

5 minit kemudian aku decide...beli baru!!its not the end of the world just yet.i'll buy sumthin a lot more awesome.otak aku mula la berkira-kira duit yang aku ade. teehee.

selepas aku buat loan dengan ah yoh campur ngan saving sket, 16 disember tarikh keramat.aku da dapat pengganti :D gumbira nak mampus.tersengih sepanjang hari sehingga hari ini :)

itu la, patah tumbuh hilang berganti. ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Carrie Underwood- Quitter

Here's how it goes

Boy meets girl, girl leaves boy
That's all I know
All I've done, all my life

'Cause throughout history
I've only been with jerks
Who couldn't take it
But you see the picket fence
the swing on the front porch
With us two on it

When I believe that nothing lasts forever
You stay with me, keeping us together
And make me feel like I never ever wanna give you up
'Til now, I've always been a quitter

You rescued me
Saved my life just in time
Saw past all my issues and scars
And made me try

'Cause oh, the way you're kissing me
Makes it hard to breathe
But I still like it
Oh oh, it truly feels like a dream
You know exactly how I want it

I believe that nothing lasts forever
You stay with me, keeping us together
And make me feel like I never ever wanna give you up
'Til now, I've always been a quitter

I've always been a quitter

When I believe that nothing lasts forever
You stay with me, keeping us together
And make me feel like I never ever wanna give you up
'Til now, I've always been a quitter

I've always been a quitter

p/s:i haven't met u yet ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Taking chances.

this post is about sumone not taking his chances.
he had so many chances but none,he did nothing.
maybe he is just not interested at all.
anyhow that was it.
no more chances.
well, at least i tried. if it's not workin then it is not meant to be.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blue Valentine.

How are you gonna trust your feelings when it can disappear?

Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Love?

almost all the time i think of u,
in the morning,when im online,offline,before i go to bed.
and all the time i act cool in front of u to hide the excitement talkin or meetin u.
its not ive known u for long but there's this chemistry that i found it hard to find with other men.
i really thought it was only a crush.
i can't afford to hurt again.
i can't tell whether u like me or like me not...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


lately aku banyak spend time kat dapur.hahah.
bes kot dapur ni.kecik.barang2 xbanyak.
masak simple2 da cukup da.
awal2 dulu masak nasi je,lauk bli kat kafe tapi klu gi bli kat kafe,
kadang-kadang tak puas ati laaa.mahal la tak sedap la.
so masak je la sendiri simple2,sedap dan jimat banyakkkk.
dan of course aku tweet almost everytime aku siap masak.
hahaha. no reason,just that twitter has become an important part
of my life.cam my acting bf la pulak.
sumtimes it respond back too XD

Food Collections

telur rebus sparuh masak.haha.nampak simple tapi kena pandai bajet mase la.breakfast plg simple dan kenyang lagi sedap!

yang ni sume orang pandai masak.hahah.cume aku tambah udang je (konon nak wat jemput udang tapi tepung tarak)

RBTM Cheeeeeeeese, fav dish for supper!

dengan kaki2 masuk gambar.carbonara macaroni.simple gle.

nih la simple lunch aku.terung panggang and ayam grg sos tiram or ayam grg kunyit ke.yang penting bawang tuh kena banyak.sedappppp

ok.tipulah aku buat yang ni.haha.steak ni aku makan kat Dubliners Ipoh,murah la.satu set meal siap starter,meal,dessert n drink from as low as RM15 dan siyes sedappp!!

nih dessert kat Dubliners.hehehe.have to go again!XD

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rambling; Part 2.

it was so much fun, i finally had "that" excitement
and that feelings made my little heart goes thump thump,
but it didnt last long coz i know i will never be that special someone.
i just knew it and now im feelin worse than i felt before i've met you.


why did it end so fast?


Sunday, November 6, 2011


makan tak kenyang....
tidur tak lena...
mandi tak basah....


i just wanna enjoy this 'gedik' feelings ^.^
i think i like you,hope you like me too.
but sorry,i don't know how to show my feelings...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

One wish.

one thing i would like to ask from u,
already asked i think...
dun u ever ever ever ever appear in front of me ever ever ever again.
dun u ever ever ever ever look for me ever ever ever again.

not now or ever.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Everybody hurts.

When your day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on
Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries n everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
If you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on

'Cause everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends
Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand
If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Everybody hurts. You are not alone

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


no matter what happens i will always believe it was real,
all of it, even if it's not.

so it would be less hurt,
and i won't look back,
because when i think about it i'll smile and slowly forgetin it.


let it come by suprise and stay on purpose....hihi

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awaken :)

my hols were the best ever,i was all over south malaysia includin singapore.hihi
and now im back to school !
it wasnt the same anymore,i felt like im a new person yet with the same attitude thou.
but my way of thinkin has changed much,matured much i guess.
enjoying too much also. :D
however,what im glad most is i've proved myself to be a better,stronger,and optimistic person.

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, smile often, dream big , laugh a lot, & realize how blessed you are for what you have.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best Thing I Never Had

What goes around comes back around (hey my baby)
What goes around comes back around (hey my baby)
What goes around comes back around (hey my baby)
What goes around comes back around (hey my baby)

There was a time
I thought, that you did everything right
No lies, no wrong
Boy I, must've been outta my mind
So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I saw the real you

Thank God you blew it
Thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
So baby good lookin' out

I wanted you bad
I'm so through with it
Cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
You turned out to be the best thing I never had
And I'm gon' always be the best thing you never had
I bet it sucks to be you right now

So sad, you're hurt
Boo hoo, oh, did you expect me to care?
You don't deserve my tears
I guess that's why they ain't there
When I think that there was a time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I saw the real you

Thank God you blew it
Thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
Baby good lookin' out

I wanted you bad
I'm so through with it
Cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
I said, you turned out to be the best thing I never had
And I'll never be the best thing you never had
Oh baby I bet sucks to be you right now

I know you want me back
It's time to face the facts
That I'm the one that's got away
Lord knows that it would take another place, another time, another world, another life
Thank God I found the good in goodbye

I used to want you so bad
I'm so through it that
Cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
You turned out to be the best thing I never had
And I will always be the, best thing you never had.
Best thing you never had!

I used to want you so bad
I'm so through it that
Cause honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
Oh you turned out to be the best thing I never had
Oh I will never be the best thing you never had
Oh baby, I bet it sucks to be you right now

Goes around, comes back around
Goes around, comes back around
Bet it sucks to be you right now
Goes around, comes back around
Bet it sucks to be you right now
Goes around, comes back around
Bet it sucks to be you right now

p/s:this song is so like how i felt!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raya With Family & Friends

Raya this year is a bit diff than last years coz we just moved to a new house and i also got a new family member,my sister in law, kak husna.hihi
now i felt like i really lived here (Dungun) since i last stayed here 8 years ago.wah.feels like home to me :) this is home la !!

most importantly, my friends,they are all still here and i just realized our frenship grew a lot more stronger than before.eventhou, i've studied here for only 1 and 1/2 years,i did manage to make many frens dat still last till today.some of them even became my close frens. :)

i hope that our friendship last forever !! :')
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin for those who's reading !!

Raya visits & short trip to Mesra Mall and Pantai Kemasik

my most generous fren,cik hud :)

open house at our former teacher's house (my fren's mother)

pizza treat from nuar :D

with one of my bfffff,izutttt

posing ape ni tatau nye pon~

i love pantai

ske ah gamba ni...rase belum puas :(

im flying!!~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tag myself.

two years ago,i used to read this blog jebonisme.it's been a while i havent read it since the owner stop (rare) posting.
today,i've read it again and it still damn funny #LMAO

so,i decided to tag myself coz i got nothin to do.

1) Do you think you're hot?
nope.my dad is not a fireman.lameeee~

2)Upload your favorite picture of you


3)Why do you like that picture?
hmm gambar ni wat ak wonder.tang mane tuh aku nampak cm da/tengah kawin.anyhow i do look gorgeous...orang kate la,bkn aku kate.haha

4)When was the last time you ate pizza?
a month ago?xhingat la plak ble.da siap cerna da haa

5)The last song you listened to
Linkin Park-Iridescent.
sukeee lagu ni.ske lirik die,buat aku let go everything yang kacau jiwa aku.dan mesti sume orang musykil iridescent tuh ape,hehehe selepas aku google aku mendapati iridescent tuh macam kaler pelangi yang korang nampak kat surface bubbles or bugs tuhh.interesting kan?vidclip pon gempak.bumblebeeee~

6)What are you doing right now besides this?
gtalk-ing with frens and wondering is ketereh at sumwhere i tot it is...hmm kna tunggu balik kelantan ni.

7)What name do you prefer besides yours?
soklan cepu emas ni.kenape cepu emas?aku pon tatau.tapi klu boleh la,klu la boleh name aku ade nur ke..nurul ke...puteri ke..nahhh aku da cukup puas hati dan bangga dengan nama aku skrang.simple and fab.

8)People to tag:
  1. Westlife
  2. Jessie Jay
  3. Rafidah (Kasih Alia)
  4. Mamat (sepah)
  5. Linkin park
9)Who is number one?
sume orang kenal kot,aku tak perlu explain.reason aku letak westlife no satu sebab nanti aku pergi konsert dorang.hahah.bukannye peminat kipas mati,tapi rumet aku memang minat giler.so why not goin with girlfrengsssss kan.Our first big concert,dlu duk rancang je lebih tak jadi jugakk.da final year baru jadi.hahaha.(maybe sbb westlife nye concert safer kot?)

gosh i've realized there are so many things i wanna do with my frens before settlin down.single life rocks as always!!

10)Number 3 is having a relationship with?
with no 4 obviously.hahaha.nih aku dengar mak aku gosip tadi.mamat tuh tak ensem ke?(mak aku yg kate).aku tengok ok je.tinggi..tough...sesuai je la ngan rafidah@kasih@alia.heh.

11)Say something about number 5
umm.first rock+ rappin band i've ever heard.sekarang da banyak la kot band yang tiru linkin park.not much la yang aku sal LP,they always rocks.aku suke first album dorang and yang latest skrang.yang lain pon kot...aku pon tak sure mane stu 1st,2nd,3rd...album...layan je sume 

12)How about number 4?
in relationship with no 3

13)Who is number 2?
aku pon baru kenal sebab die femes ngan lagu price tag(ringtone kakk aku) tapi 1st tym dengar lagu die aku trus cari kt utube.perghh die nyanyi live mmg torrrbayeeekk.suke-suke!!she got her own style and great talent mehh.
btw,i tag her coz i've seen her vidclip-nobody's perfect this afternoon and l.o.v.i.n.g it!!hmm aku rase die nampak kurus sket dalam video ni nak banding mase die debut dlu.pape pon kurus ke gemuk ke,her voice still superbbb.

da kul 1,baru siap post ni.haha

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ibu Tertua Di Dunia

aku tak penah post pasal facts walaupon aku slalu gugel artikel bes2.hari ni aku terpikir nak tau umur wanita paling tua yang berjaya mengandung dan melahirkan anak.

jeng jeng jeng~

Rajo Devi Lohan, 70 tahun (2008)

Dia ngan laki die ni peladang yang miskin dan da lame nak anak sejak 50 tahun berkahwin.Malangnya tak dapat-dapat.Akhirnya, mereka laki bini buat loan sebanyak 2,000 paun (+-RM10,000) untuk buat teknik IVF di sebuah klinik di India dan berjaya conceived a baby girl. 7 bulan kemudian baby girl called Naveen pon dilahirkan.

Namun begitu terdapat komplikasi dari proses kelahiran itu iaitu pendarahan dalaman dan kerosakan rahim.Oleh itu doktor menasihati beliau untuk stay in bed tapi die tak dengar dan terus membuat kerja2 memerah susu lembu menyebabkan die trus stay in bed skrang.Nak angkat anak sendiri pon tak larat :(

Walau bagaimanapun, mereka laki bini tak pernah menyesal kerana itu impian mereka selama ini...

source: google.com(rajo devi)

Monday, August 15, 2011


people thought i cud tolerate with everythin.
sayin yes to everythin they want.
there are things i cant tolerate and never will eventho i cud lose things that i adore.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Karma is a bitch.

how come things changes drastically?
i wud never tot it wud turn out end up this way.
i guess its true that, 

'if they only want you around when things are going good, they don't love you'; ohteenquotes

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Thank you,

Terima Kasih,



isn't that hard to say thank you..

Appreciate others and urself today


Monday, July 11, 2011


You might have many friends,thousands of them but are they considered ur frens if today, they treat u like u r the only fren in the world but the nex day they act as if they dunno u.

well, i wud never treat my frens like that.i wud never forget them,il hang out with them if i have much time.

but,my point here is to say wat true frens really are,eventho u used to be closed to them but then things happen and we kinda broken up...:(

still when we hang out,nothin else matter...we go back to wat we used to be :D
(eventho im the VICTIM)

yet we really are like we used to be (after 7 months not meetin) and im glad. :')

lookin foward for more hang-outs!:D

senyum kekenyangan

uberman wanna be.mwahahahah

duwe segan tnjuk rambut baru

some of the dishes yg smpt ditangkp,yg len da masuk peruttt

Saturday, June 11, 2011

drum roll pls

welcome my new baby LX5!! tadaaaa~
still haven't found the right name yet but surely Mr,Incik or Abang.keh3
sorry lambat introduce this most owsomenesssst gadjet ever..wahhh *clap*

eventho ive been craving for DSLR,yet i had also been craving for a compact.
as u and i cud see here---->THE 5 WANTED LIST
before this no 5 was lumix compact cmera.hehe den changed to DSLR after i managed to save up sum cash.

luckily,i changed my mind last minute coz if i used up ALL my savings on a DSLR, i cudn do shoppin,eat out at nice restaurants, go on trips, watchin movies, treat my family,my love,n frens,cudnt change my fon service to Digi (smart plan :D), so many things dat i hve to restrain myself from doin to b exact.

but still,i really need a gud camera to capture good,happy events and moments ^.^
so after a weeek?few days i think,to consider which is the best camera to b my 3rd companion.
i found this great LUMIX LX5 with a bargain price which is cheaper RM200 den the normal market price...hehe thanks to LOWYAT.net ;D

i havent really test the cmera yet since i didn have the chance to take it out on an outing.hehe
but soon there'll be more posts which cover only pictures to show how great this cam is.haha. :)

ensem kan?

after a day,few accessories hv been added.hehe
btw the pouch is fully hand-made by me!totally handsewn k(tym ofis hour lak tuh)hehe

harap-harap esok boleh bawak jalan-jalan ;D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bukannya aku takut.

im learning how to play guitar.haha.hmm da masuk 2 minggu kot.
tapi dis week lg hardcore la,sebab boring tatau nk watpe.

sekarang nga blaja lagu bawah ni,lepas dgr kat maharaja lawak yg zizan nyanyi...walaupon brape saat je tapi dengar cam best je.so gugel la spe yg nyanyi.upenye lagu indon da lame da..tapi chord die agak senang lah..boleh folo..hehe

Intro : C 2x
Am F C G C

ku tak peduli
G Em A
bila ku benar-benar cinta mati
ku tak peduli
G Dm
ku memang begini
G Em A
bila ku benar-benar cinta mati
ku tak peduli
apa saja yang kuinginkan
Em G
kamu rela

C Dm
bukannya aku takut
akan kehilangan dirimu
Em Am
tapi aku takut
kehilangan cintamu
C Dm
mungkin saja saat itu
kau mempermainkan aku
Em Am
seakan kau bisa
A# G
membalas cintaku

kau tak kan mengerti
G Em A
yang selama ini kurasakan pasti
kau tak peduli
bila saja yang kuinginkan
Em G
kamu rela

Interlude : C Bm Am G
F Em Dm G
C Bm Am Em F C G

D Em
bukannya aku takut
akan kehilangan dirimu
F#m Bm
tapi aku takut
kehilangan cintamu
D Em
mungkin saja saat itu
kau mempermainkan aku
F#m Bm
seakan kau bisa
membalas cintaku

D Em A G F#m Bm G A 2x

p/s:susunan chord ngan lirik tuh xbtol sket.pandai2 la betolkan sendiri...

Monday, April 11, 2011


perkara diatas berserta status di FB adalah dirujuk.

dengan ini,pihak saya ingin memohon jasa baik tuan ayah dan puan mak untuk memulangkan semula 'astro decoder' ke tempat asalnya di Kuala Lumpur.

bersama-sama ini disertakan sebab-sebab bagi tindakan di atas:

  1. kebosanan tahap melampau boleh menjejaskan kesihatan mental mahupun fizikal
  2. kehidupan tidak ceria
  3. tidak 'up-to-date' dengan siri-siri terkini seperti, buletin utama,'american idol',mentor, mahupun akademi fantasia
  4. selalu menggaru kepala memikirkan aktiviti yang sesuai
  5. sentiasa bengang dan marah dengan internet yang lembab (ade kaitan ke?)
  6. twitter menjadi mangsa luahan ketidakpuasan (mungkin blog juge)
  7. kain lambat dilipat kerana sudah terbiasa melipat di depan tv
  8. dan macam-macam lagi yang tidak dapat diperjelaskan disini (segan)
oleh yang demikian,diharapkan pihak tuan dan puan dapat memberi penilaian dari segala aspek kehidupan anak tuan puan dan berharap 'astro decoder' dapat dikembalikan ataupun mendapatkan yang baru bagi menggantikannya.

sekian,terima kasih.

"gunakan nikmat untuk khidmat" (tagline rakan muda)

yang benar,
Ir Nadira

Saturday, April 9, 2011


dengan bangga nyaaa,isu baju dan adiah suda selesai.
baju sgt cntik.mungkin bleh lwn pengantin.keh3
dan juga terima kasih kwn2 for making my wekend :)

hari ni penat round midvalley bersama cik Azzah.
lame gilerrrrrrrr tak kua and update stories.
so today was awesome.
terharu gle sanggup jmpe aku even sok da nak fly back to India. :(
after talkin to her about everythin,i now noe wat's the right thing to do with my life.
she really open up my mind,hope i hd help her too.
ok enuff with the ramblingsss

so tadi ktorg saling bertukar hadiah.haha
da la due2 kasi beg.
then due2 beli beg...aiyo mmg gila beg BEGILA!
nk uplod gambar tapi cable fon ni bengong skit.

penat la pulak..

tdo dlu~

Thursday, April 7, 2011

emosi terganggu.

lately,emosi senang terganggu.dengar lagu2 jiwang je,hati da rase sebak.
bukan pk ape pon.
lagu tuh emosi sangat.haha.

contoh lagu ni.memang sedih.kesian betol... :'(

Monday, April 4, 2011

marry me.

i think my life is quiet miserable.

coz i've got so much loves and tears to give yet,there's no one i cud give it to.

everytime i felt lonely,i drove back home.
yet now,i am at home and my loneliness getting worse.

shud i be driving to Terengganu rite now?hahah.
anyhow,even my family rite in front of me.i still feel lonely deep in my heart.sigh.
i dun understand how other ppl living their life alone.those unmarried till old.maybe their partners were called earlier by God.Hope mine is still out there.ameen~

To my future husband, do marry me as soon as u found me k?missing u badly XD,

Love ,
Your patiently waiting wife, Nadira.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


my second biggest issue apart from living alone is MONEY.haha
bukan nye aku tade duit.ade tuh ade tapi da lama aku save up untuk beli satu kamera yang canggih yang lebih canggih dari Mr Olympus which i bought 2nd hand a year ago.
oleh itu,kerana duit juge aku jual mr olym and also my one and only musical instrument.the keyboard.heheh.

ok now.duit da cukup tapi2 tiba-tiba pagi ni dilemma nak bli 550d macam ayah aku ke atau nak bli latest model 600d which is RM300-400 lagi mahal.at the same time,my brother is getting married so nak bli hadiah die lagi dan juga nak bli baju untuk pakai during the feast lagi X.X (ade stu baju kurung yg ak sgt2 berkenan tapi hrga die RM180 bajet RM100 je)

sekarang semua da terlebih bajet.tapi aku perlukan kamera tuh before wedding day,i thot of making a video montage for them since they didn hire any kmeraman.at the same time oso,my mum moved to terengganu and my periuk nasi is now gone.aihh.more money needed this month for food supply (macam duk kat utan je).

what shud i do ni.barang2 jualan ade lagi,ingat nak lelong habih tapi tade kmera nak snap pics.huwaaaaaaaaaa.dilemma.

bli kamera-->duit ckup untuk menampung idup--->but no wedding present--->no baju kurung that i crave for

but i also hope it turn out this way,

bli kamera--->duit cukup untuk menampung idup-->amik gmbr brg2 lawa2--->all items sold--->bli wedding present--->bli baju kurung that i crave for :D :D

but what happens if,

bli kamera--->duit cukup untuk menampung idup-->amik gmbr brg2 lawa2--->barang2 xlaku--->no wedding present--->no baju kurung that i crave for :( :(

huwaaaaaaaa tatau tatau.
wedding tuh this 30/4 arghhh sempat ke ni?

need to get a part tym job i guessed.AHA!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

home alone.

when i heard the news that my mother n brother are moving to Dungun Terengganu,im like..im freeeeeeeeee~ no one gonna control me.(devil inside me)

but today is their moving day,i feel like cryingggg huwaaaaaa :'(
being alone with no rumate in UTP las semester already gve me an impact but at least ive got all my frens there.here in KL,staying alone here in a 3 room house will surely absolutely put me down.i have to tke care of me myself.nobody gonna care.frens are not around closely like in UTP.they can only accompany me from far.

i donno how long i can endure this lonliness of living on my own yet there's no choice,ive got to be stronger and more independent.

still im super sad :'(
i wish she changed her mind today...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

rahsia tarikh lahir ?

sekarang kan musim rahsia tarikh lahir kat facebook, sume org duk gne application ni pstuh tag mmbe2.hehehe.tp xjmpe bulan jun punye which is my birth month.

so,gugel la rahsia tarikh lahir datuk dr fadilah kamsah nye.mari paste di bawah:


berfikiran jauh dan berwawasan
mudah ditawan kerana sikap baik
perangai lemah lembut
mudah berubah sikap, sangat banyak idea
bersikap sensitif
otak sentiasa aktif berfikir
sukar melakukan sesuatu dengan segera, suka menanguh-nangguh
sikap pemilih kerana selalu inginkan yang terbaik dan cerewet
cepat marah dan cepat sejuk
suka bercakap dan berdebat
suka buat lawak dan bergurau
otak cerdas dan berangan-rangan
mudah dan pandai berkawan
orangnya sangat tertib
pandai mempamerkan sikap
mudah kecil hati
mudah terkena selesema
suka berkemas
cepat rasa bosan
kurang pamerkan perasaan
lambat sembuh bila terluka hati
suka barangan berjenama
mudah jadi eksekutif
kedegilan yang tidak terkawal
siapa yang memuji saya adalah musuh saya, siapa yang menegur saya adalah kawan saya

mula-mula baca cam lawak gak,mostly betul lah tapi entah lah.boleh tgk rahsia tuh disini

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sari Ratu.

This is my first food review !! *clap*
ok lah.aku sangat beruntung sebab almost everyweek aku dpt mkn free,org banje la of course.Tuh yang bes kje kat consultant ni.hehe

This is the closest restaurant at my office and oso the most expensive of the area.People that cme here mostly drivin in merc,bmw,honda,toyota and saga (thats me) haha.

Yesterday was my ummmm 4th time i was treated for lunch there.The restaurant called Sari Ratu specialized in nasi padang which is from indonesia.

The place is fully aircond but they oso hve tables outside for smokers.The service is good and fast.

Now lets check out the dishes !!

I dun remember the dishes name but what i like most nope loveee most is the gulai urat tunjang.The urat is like 'kenyal2' and it taste.gulp.terbaikkkk.From the pic it is the upper middle one.

These are the dishes that were chosen by coworker.haha.pelahap gle amek lauk byk2.They serve the dishes in small plate and the gulai in clay pot.Above are the kentang grg,gulai urat,udang petai,daging hitam kerisik,sambal cili petai and terung grg lada.It seems simple but it has its own taste.

Overall i give 4/5 for this restaurant.Everyone shud try once in a while not everyday la since its 5 times more expensive than normal restaurants.

Now otw to bidor and ipoh,hoping to get lunch at a good restaurant for freeeee~

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sharing is caring.

Ini bukan hasil tangan saya,saya quote dari kawan saya yang foward guna gtalk dan dia takda blog.Tapi saya suka apa yang dia tulis, patut dikongsikan dengan orang lain dan rujukan untuk diri sendiri 

"Anda mahu duit?

Anda pernah di jaja untuk mendapat kan duit?

Kali nie aku nak ckp pulak pasal MLM.

Aku bukan nak buruk-burukkan MLM, cuma nak kongsi dengan anda semua pendapat aku mengenainya. Aku pun harap kamu boleh komen pape yang anda rasa.

1. Kamu semua sedar x , mengapa yang ajak anda itu selalunya MELAYU? Kamu semua cuba tanya.
Siapakah yang paling atas? Pengasas MLM tersebut la. Selalu bangsa lain kan? Tapi kenapa bangsa
mereka tidak ramai yang masuk? Sebab MELAYU nie mudah tertipu dengan wang. MAri kita sambung.

2. Betul ke boleh kaya? Anda mesti ditunjukkan dengan penyata kewangan. Banyak income dia masukkan. Anda kenal ke siapa yang ditunjukkan? Cuba minta penyata yang bercerita pulak.

3. Pastu miesti mereka tunjuk cara-cara mana anda dapat wang:
Modal : RM100 sekali masuk.

1 orang masuk bawah anda atau beli produk anda anda dapat komisyen RM10

Katakan dalam sehari ada 4 orang masuk , Anda dapat RM40

Kemudian , dalam masa seminggu ;

7 hari x RM40 = 280

Jika sebulan , anda dapat ;

4 minggu x RM 280 = RM 1120

Jika 2 bulan ,anda dapat :

2 bulan x RM 1120 = RM 2240

Pernahkah anda ditunjukkan pengiraan begini? Sebenarnya ada ada perkara yang anda sedang
tertipu. Bolehkah anda mencari 1 orang untuk beli produk anda atau masuk bawah anda?
Bolehkah mendapatkan 4 orang dalam masa sehari? Dalam masa dua bulan anda boleh
mendapatkan berapa ramai orang?

Dan jika anda tidak berjaya menarik orang lain dalam sistem ini? Anda akan kehilangan modal
RM100 tadi.

4. Sekarang cuba perhatikan kan kiraan saya pula ,

Untuk mendapatkan RM100 anda balik , anda perlu mencari 10 orang.

Tetapi , Big Boss anda sudah mendapat RM 1100 termasuk duit anda. Tetapi anda tidak untung
apa-apa. Kerana hanya mendapatkan modal anda semula.

Untuk anda pula , selain dari tidak mendapat apa-apa. Anda telah kerugian masa , wang ringgit ,
minyak kereta atau motor, Hanya untuk mendapat RM100 tadi. Maksud saya untuk mencari orang
yang berminat masuk. (Dalam erti lain , anda perlu menipu orang lain pula setelah anda ditipu)

Jadi nasihat aku. Jangan la mudah diperdaya. Jangan mudah tertutup akal fikiran hanya kerana wang.
Tidak perlu anda memegang bara api. Jika sudah terpegang. Nanti anda pula terpaksa memberi bara tersebut kepada orang lain kerana takut terbakar diri (RUGI)."

Monday, February 28, 2011

Money Lose More.

have u heard of them?yes them.cos there are more than 2 no 2mil?whose practicing MLM aka Multilevel marketing or pyramid system.where the leader on top gain the most money.the objective of most MLM is to make a product and sell them way way way wehyy!! beyond their original price.

using other people (frens,family,strangers,enemy) to promote and sell the product which they will also automatically be a part of the pyramid.yahooo.Then these people will influence their frens,family,strangers,enemies to buy ,promote and sell the product to get commissions.

unfortunately,sooner or later there will be toooooo many MLM-ers selling the same product and no one joining?so who will give money to the uplines?and also the downlines la of course.

tadehal lah!
as long as woman get pregnant more babies will be made.weeeeeee and future MLM-ers will be born.errrrrrrrrr

but what will happen if sumone made a better product and selling at cheaper price?no matter what happen,im sure the system will corrupt. from what i can say, the product of these MLMs is recruiting downline.

becoz where the money comes from?from downlines of course,they paid for the package or maybe there's one or two that really interested in the product itself.but hey the product does not cost that much lahhh.

ok fine,u wanna help ur frens,family,strangers,enemies,sedare seislam,satu malaysia to be richhh.bwahahaha.bulls*it! u just want their money la.this is what happen when money is our priority.

so be modest,work hard for money,do real bisnes not recruiting bisnes and dun lie !

peace out !

layan ni sepam.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


my fav radio station ever !
suke yang amat sampai aku tukar channel radio kat ofis dr Suria FM kpd Fly FM.
ehhhh Suria pon best !! tapi part lagu rock kapak tengahari buta tuh,gua xle layan r.rase berat je mata....

Fly fm gak aku suke dari dulu lagi iaitu sejak ade kereta sendiri,radio aku hanyalah utk fly fm xpon kdg2 hot fm dan lain lain.Fly fm slalu putar(gle skema) lagu-lagu baru yang best,masyuk,rancak,sweet and so on.Pape pon aku paling suke fly fm alarm call,gelak sorang2 lam kete cam org gile.sumpah lawak,klu de kompilasi alarm calls ni konpem aku donlod trus masuk ipod.hehe.kadang-kadang ade gak lawak2 bodoh yg callers share.

so ade la satu lawak bodoh a random caller shared;

one day,a father brought home a lie detector machine where the machine will slap people that tell lies.he bought it with the purpose to avoid his kid from lying.so here goes the story...
(at home)
dad:did u go to school today boy?
boy:yes,of course
(the machine slaps the boy)
boy:come on, it's not like u never skipped school before,dad
dad:i never did
(the machine slaps dad)
mum:hahaha,like father like son
(the machine slaps the mother)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

500 gram.

tadi aku timbang berat badan dan berat aku bertambah lagi 500 gram :D
klu sekilo lagi aku happy.pelik bukan?
orang len sedih,tensen,emo,nangis klu berat dorg nek.aku lak terbalik...aku rase tuh la saat paling bahagia.hahaha.

orang gemuk tensen ble orang tegur die gemuk,same gak cam aku,aku tensen bila orang cakap aku kurus keding.rase nak mengamuk,nak tampar nak terajang nak sepak pon adee...eh tipu la tuh.hehe,tade la sampai camtuh but it does make me upset,sad,emo, dan swaktu dgnnya.

kadang-kadang tuh,tengah aku happy2 kecoh2 gumbira tbe2 ade orang tegur cakap, "nad,ko ni anorexia ea?",fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (maaf mncarut) tapi dalam hati je.kat muke aku senyum :), eh nede, aku suke makan,suke makan sangat2 !!! tercalar hati gua yang tengah happy2 trus down down down...~

aku rase dorang tatau pon maksud anorexia tuh hapee,boleh diibaratkan macam menghina da tuh..ni haa maksud anorexia,aku trus copy paste dr wikipedia;

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight, often coupled with a distorted self image which may be maintained by various cognitive biases that alter how the affected individual evaluates and thinks about her or his body, food and eating.

Dalam erti kata lain atau pon dalam bahasa melayu;anorexia ni bermaksud penyakit xnak makan sebab takut naik berat badan.and again,i stress out here im exactly the other way around which is i love eating so mucha2 but just hard to gain weight.however,when im in stress situation which is unhappy,i always lose my appetite.so pls dun make me unhappy by accusing me having anorexia.haha.

tapi sekarang gua tak kesah,gua kental dan orang pon ingat gua kental sebab tuh dorang leh pijak gua kaw3.takpe2 gua memang cool,gua xamek hati pon.komen2 lu sume ertinye lu sume kesah pasal gua risau tengok gua kurus keding.gua terharu jugak la.tapi tak macho la klu ade yang mmg xmacho cakap,"ko kna gmuk skit nad,kang tade laki nak usha" wadefak kan? da la xmacho ckp gua cmtuh lak,bile gua marah ckp gua emo,xkacak la,xcool lah.so gua trus block lu la kan.maap la.gua de limit gua gak.

-tarik nafas-

sori,hanyut sebentar.just one thing to say,
i dun give a damn what u said ! eventho it did hurt me a lot,and it was really2 hard to forgive and forget but as i said i dun give a damn.'everybody got their own charms' (quote from Farah)
it isnt u to decide whether a guy wud look at me or not.anyhow sum guys did look at me and tried to know me better.it's just that they are not my jodoh.that's why i won't get into uncertain relationship other than marriage.insyaAllah...~

im in a weight-gain-programme,in healthy way.wish me luck!
another 6.5kg to go !

Thursday, February 17, 2011

/me not famous.

arini aku bukak blog hanis zalikha, fatin liyana dan juga maria elena.

wah wah wah.
im impressed, follower dorang riban2 dan post dorg sume panjang2 dan dorang chun dan juga stylo mylo dan juga pandai dan kelakar.(banyak nye dan)

aku sokong dorang tapi not as follower lah.bukak blog dorang skali skale leh la tapi nak update sume post macam imposibble jek.aku xnah follow blog orang other than aidid mua'ddib nye (btol ke eja?)

ade sebab kenapa aku xfollow orang yg sgt cool dan rmai follower,ini kerana....

mase kecik2 aku suke competition and ive been searching wat im gud at smpai la besar.cth,mse skolah rendah sume jenis ujibakat sukan aku try out seperti bola jaring,bola baling,pingpong,tennis,dan lain (termasuk olahraga spt lompat jauh).cth mase besar,kat skolah mara teringin nak rank tinggi nak nek pentas amek award,so ak seteragel (ini serius) dan akhirnya berjaya makan ciken chop dalam hall dan nek pentas.tpi bukan tuh je,aku audition utk teater skolah,berjaya jugak sebab lontaran sore kuat dan tak ramai yg try (kot).tapi skrang bab pelajaran da ke laut,i just wanna be more than average in the class (tuh pon tatau bjaya ke tak).oh ya,aku penah cube blaja gitar dan keyboard.oh yes since i love music so try la play music tp mcm xkmane je.da lupe da chord2 dan note2 sume.banyak lah mnde ak da cbe,maybe i shud post about them.yep i shud.my blog is getting rusty.

but the point here is the reason why i dun follow cool and famous bloggers other than aidid mua'ddib,the reasons are they are too cool,too good to be true,too right,too pretty (jeles tol),too smart and the reasons y the other bloggers followed them.so,i felt like do we have to be like them to become famous (it's not like i wanna b famous) but i just think that it makes the other girls envy about their life which seem so perfect and err erm supercool?but reality thats not happenin to everyone.but i guessed their readers just enjoy reading.

ahhh.tah2 aku yang envy dorang.demm!tapi aku tau tak sume orang same kan kan kan.sume orang ade kelebihan masing-masing (masih mncari dri sdri punyer).aku tatau la reason aku ade kaitan ke dgn cte competition aku tapi itu la rase cam kalah dalam competition blogging ! hahaha sebab sekian lame ak blogging follower ciput je dan komen jarang ade ke takde?nyeh(sejak ble ak kesah tah).actually, it's not because of their blogs but bcos of what they have,they got what-girls-like-me want.however,i did slap myself few times after reading their blogs so that i know where i stand.

im just me.anything but ordinary (ecewah tiru lagu avril)

ok dah happy,tatau nak cte kat sape so i let it out here.no offense, i do adore them a lot ! ^^

night peeps !

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Once upon a time,i learned how to do this...

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


not yet.
ikut taun dah.
tua suda.

im not ready to be an adult just yet !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Falling Stars

When you forget me
When you don’t remember my name
Not even a memory
Somewhere in the back of your brain
I won’t be offended
‘Cause I always knew that the day
Would come when I’m not enough to make you stay
You tell me it’s not possible, no way that we could break
But nothing is illogical, believe me

p/s: just leave me alone if u dun like me,dun make me smile and cry at the same time.


it's new year babe!!
but im not feelin it.haha other than its my mum's birthday.

sebab sem ni tak masuk kelas kot.heheh.
so tade harapan baru untuk belajar.
i just wanna be a better person :)
i want to look better,feel better,eat better,sleep better,sume lah better ataupon lebih baik dari semalam...