Saturday, June 11, 2011

drum roll pls

welcome my new baby LX5!! tadaaaa~
still haven't found the right name yet but surely Mr,Incik or Abang.keh3
sorry lambat introduce this most owsomenesssst gadjet ever..wahhh *clap*

eventho ive been craving for DSLR,yet i had also been craving for a compact.
as u and i cud see here---->THE 5 WANTED LIST
before this no 5 was lumix compact cmera.hehe den changed to DSLR after i managed to save up sum cash.

luckily,i changed my mind last minute coz if i used up ALL my savings on a DSLR, i cudn do shoppin,eat out at nice restaurants, go on trips, watchin movies, treat my family,my love,n frens,cudnt change my fon service to Digi (smart plan :D), so many things dat i hve to restrain myself from doin to b exact.

but still,i really need a gud camera to capture good,happy events and moments ^.^
so after a weeek?few days i think,to consider which is the best camera to b my 3rd companion.
i found this great LUMIX LX5 with a bargain price which is cheaper RM200 den the normal market price...hehe thanks to ;D

i havent really test the cmera yet since i didn have the chance to take it out on an outing.hehe
but soon there'll be more posts which cover only pictures to show how great this cam is.haha. :)

ensem kan?

after a day,few accessories hv been added.hehe
btw the pouch is fully hand-made by me!totally handsewn k(tym ofis hour lak tuh)hehe

harap-harap esok boleh bawak jalan-jalan ;D