Monday, February 28, 2011

Money Lose More.

have u heard of them?yes them.cos there are more than 2 no 2mil?whose practicing MLM aka Multilevel marketing or pyramid system.where the leader on top gain the most money.the objective of most MLM is to make a product and sell them way way way wehyy!! beyond their original price.

using other people (frens,family,strangers,enemy) to promote and sell the product which they will also automatically be a part of the pyramid.yahooo.Then these people will influence their frens,family,strangers,enemies to buy ,promote and sell the product to get commissions.

unfortunately,sooner or later there will be toooooo many MLM-ers selling the same product and no one joining?so who will give money to the uplines?and also the downlines la of course.

tadehal lah!
as long as woman get pregnant more babies will be made.weeeeeee and future MLM-ers will be born.errrrrrrrrr

but what will happen if sumone made a better product and selling at cheaper price?no matter what happen,im sure the system will corrupt. from what i can say, the product of these MLMs is recruiting downline.

becoz where the money comes from?from downlines of course,they paid for the package or maybe there's one or two that really interested in the product itself.but hey the product does not cost that much lahhh.

ok fine,u wanna help ur frens,family,strangers,enemies,sedare seislam,satu malaysia to be richhh.bwahahaha.bulls*it! u just want their money la.this is what happen when money is our priority.

so be modest,work hard for money,do real bisnes not recruiting bisnes and dun lie !

peace out !

layan ni sepam.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


my fav radio station ever !
suke yang amat sampai aku tukar channel radio kat ofis dr Suria FM kpd Fly FM.
ehhhh Suria pon best !! tapi part lagu rock kapak tengahari buta tuh,gua xle layan r.rase berat je mata....

Fly fm gak aku suke dari dulu lagi iaitu sejak ade kereta sendiri,radio aku hanyalah utk fly fm xpon kdg2 hot fm dan lain lain.Fly fm slalu putar(gle skema) lagu-lagu baru yang best,masyuk,rancak,sweet and so on.Pape pon aku paling suke fly fm alarm call,gelak sorang2 lam kete cam org gile.sumpah lawak,klu de kompilasi alarm calls ni konpem aku donlod trus masuk ipod.hehe.kadang-kadang ade gak lawak2 bodoh yg callers share.

so ade la satu lawak bodoh a random caller shared;

one day,a father brought home a lie detector machine where the machine will slap people that tell lies.he bought it with the purpose to avoid his kid from here goes the story...
(at home)
dad:did u go to school today boy?
boy:yes,of course
(the machine slaps the boy)
boy:come on, it's not like u never skipped school before,dad
dad:i never did
(the machine slaps dad)
mum:hahaha,like father like son
(the machine slaps the mother)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

500 gram.

tadi aku timbang berat badan dan berat aku bertambah lagi 500 gram :D
klu sekilo lagi aku happy.pelik bukan?
orang len sedih,tensen,emo,nangis klu berat dorg nek.aku lak terbalik...aku rase tuh la saat paling bahagia.hahaha.

orang gemuk tensen ble orang tegur die gemuk,same gak cam aku,aku tensen bila orang cakap aku kurus keding.rase nak mengamuk,nak tampar nak terajang nak sepak pon tipu la tuh.hehe,tade la sampai camtuh but it does make me upset,sad,emo, dan swaktu dgnnya.

kadang-kadang tuh,tengah aku happy2 kecoh2 gumbira tbe2 ade orang tegur cakap, "nad,ko ni anorexia ea?",fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (maaf mncarut) tapi dalam hati je.kat muke aku senyum :), eh nede, aku suke makan,suke makan sangat2 !!! tercalar hati gua yang tengah happy2 trus down down down...~

aku rase dorang tatau pon maksud anorexia tuh hapee,boleh diibaratkan macam menghina da haa maksud anorexia,aku trus copy paste dr wikipedia;

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight, often coupled with a distorted self image which may be maintained by various cognitive biases that alter how the affected individual evaluates and thinks about her or his body, food and eating.

Dalam erti kata lain atau pon dalam bahasa melayu;anorexia ni bermaksud penyakit xnak makan sebab takut naik berat badan.and again,i stress out here im exactly the other way around which is i love eating so mucha2 but just hard to gain weight.however,when im in stress situation which is unhappy,i always lose my pls dun make me unhappy by accusing me having anorexia.haha.

tapi sekarang gua tak kesah,gua kental dan orang pon ingat gua kental sebab tuh dorang leh pijak gua kaw3.takpe2 gua memang cool,gua xamek hati pon.komen2 lu sume ertinye lu sume kesah pasal gua risau tengok gua kurus keding.gua terharu jugak la.tapi tak macho la klu ade yang mmg xmacho cakap,"ko kna gmuk skit nad,kang tade laki nak usha" wadefak kan? da la xmacho ckp gua cmtuh lak,bile gua marah ckp gua emo,xkacak la,xcool gua trus block lu la kan.maap la.gua de limit gua gak.

-tarik nafas-

sori,hanyut sebentar.just one thing to say,
i dun give a damn what u said ! eventho it did hurt me a lot,and it was really2 hard to forgive and forget but as i said i dun give a damn.'everybody got their own charms' (quote from Farah)
it isnt u to decide whether a guy wud look at me or not.anyhow sum guys did look at me and tried to know me's just that they are not my jodoh.that's why i won't get into uncertain relationship other than marriage.insyaAllah...~

im in a weight-gain-programme,in healthy way.wish me luck!
another 6.5kg to go !

Thursday, February 17, 2011

/me not famous.

arini aku bukak blog hanis zalikha, fatin liyana dan juga maria elena.

wah wah wah.
im impressed, follower dorang riban2 dan post dorg sume panjang2 dan dorang chun dan juga stylo mylo dan juga pandai dan kelakar.(banyak nye dan)

aku sokong dorang tapi not as follower lah.bukak blog dorang skali skale leh la tapi nak update sume post macam imposibble jek.aku xnah follow blog orang other than aidid mua'ddib nye (btol ke eja?)

ade sebab kenapa aku xfollow orang yg sgt cool dan rmai follower,ini kerana....

mase kecik2 aku suke competition and ive been searching wat im gud at smpai la besar.cth,mse skolah rendah sume jenis ujibakat sukan aku try out seperti bola jaring,bola baling,pingpong,tennis,dan lain (termasuk olahraga spt lompat jauh).cth mase besar,kat skolah mara teringin nak rank tinggi nak nek pentas amek award,so ak seteragel (ini serius) dan akhirnya berjaya makan ciken chop dalam hall dan nek pentas.tpi bukan tuh je,aku audition utk teater skolah,berjaya jugak sebab lontaran sore kuat dan tak ramai yg try (kot).tapi skrang bab pelajaran da ke laut,i just wanna be more than average in the class (tuh pon tatau bjaya ke tak).oh ya,aku penah cube blaja gitar dan keyboard.oh yes since i love music so try la play music tp mcm xkmane je.da lupe da chord2 dan note2 sume.banyak lah mnde ak da cbe,maybe i shud post about them.yep i blog is getting rusty.

but the point here is the reason why i dun follow cool and famous bloggers other than aidid mua'ddib,the reasons are they are too cool,too good to be true,too right,too pretty (jeles tol),too smart and the reasons y the other bloggers followed,i felt like do we have to be like them to become famous (it's not like i wanna b famous) but i just think that it makes the other girls envy about their life which seem so perfect and err erm supercool?but reality thats not happenin to everyone.but i guessed their readers just enjoy reading.

ahhh.tah2 aku yang envy dorang.demm!tapi aku tau tak sume orang same kan kan kan.sume orang ade kelebihan masing-masing (masih mncari dri sdri punyer).aku tatau la reason aku ade kaitan ke dgn cte competition aku tapi itu la rase cam kalah dalam competition blogging ! hahaha sebab sekian lame ak blogging follower ciput je dan komen jarang ade ke takde?nyeh(sejak ble ak kesah tah).actually, it's not because of their blogs but bcos of what they have,they got what-girls-like-me want.however,i did slap myself few times after reading their blogs so that i know where i stand.

im just me.anything but ordinary (ecewah tiru lagu avril)

ok dah happy,tatau nak cte kat sape so i let it out offense, i do adore them a lot ! ^^

night peeps !

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Once upon a time,i learned how to do this...

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