Monday, November 28, 2011

Taking chances.

this post is about sumone not taking his chances.
he had so many chances but none,he did nothing.
maybe he is just not interested at all.
anyhow that was it.
no more chances.
well, at least i tried. if it's not workin then it is not meant to be.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blue Valentine.

How are you gonna trust your feelings when it can disappear?

Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Love?

almost all the time i think of u,
in the morning,when im online,offline,before i go to bed.
and all the time i act cool in front of u to hide the excitement talkin or meetin u.
its not ive known u for long but there's this chemistry that i found it hard to find with other men.
i really thought it was only a crush.
i can't afford to hurt again.
i can't tell whether u like me or like me not...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


lately aku banyak spend time kat dapur.hahah.
bes kot dapur ni.kecik.barang2 xbanyak.
masak simple2 da cukup da.
awal2 dulu masak nasi je,lauk bli kat kafe tapi klu gi bli kat kafe,
kadang-kadang tak puas ati laaa.mahal la tak sedap la.
so masak je la sendiri simple2,sedap dan jimat banyakkkk.
dan of course aku tweet almost everytime aku siap masak.
hahaha. no reason,just that twitter has become an important part
of my my acting bf la pulak.
sumtimes it respond back too XD

Food Collections

telur rebus sparuh masak.haha.nampak simple tapi kena pandai bajet mase la.breakfast plg simple dan kenyang lagi sedap!

yang ni sume orang pandai masak.hahah.cume aku tambah udang je (konon nak wat jemput udang tapi tepung tarak)

RBTM Cheeeeeeeese, fav dish for supper!

dengan kaki2 masuk gambar.carbonara macaroni.simple gle.

nih la simple lunch aku.terung panggang and ayam grg sos tiram or ayam grg kunyit ke.yang penting bawang tuh kena banyak.sedappppp

ok.tipulah aku buat yang ni.haha.steak ni aku makan kat Dubliners Ipoh,murah la.satu set meal siap starter,meal,dessert n drink from as low as RM15 dan siyes sedappp!!

nih dessert kat Dubliners.hehehe.have to go again!XD

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rambling; Part 2.

it was so much fun, i finally had "that" excitement
and that feelings made my little heart goes thump thump,
but it didnt last long coz i know i will never be that special someone.
i just knew it and now im feelin worse than i felt before i've met you.


why did it end so fast?


Sunday, November 6, 2011


makan tak kenyang....
tidur tak lena...
mandi tak basah....


i just wanna enjoy this 'gedik' feelings ^.^
i think i like you,hope you like me too.
but sorry,i don't know how to show my feelings...