Tuesday, May 26, 2009


aku sedang berchit chat ngn mak saudara ku,
tbe2 naek la topik sal boipren,
mak sdare ak duk korek2 ckp ak de boipren.adeh.-.-
inilah pbualan nya;

zehan77: boy fren ira sihat dok?
PeaCeMaKeR: haha
PeaCeMaKeR: xdok ah boipren2 neh
PeaCeMaKeR: kawen trus
PeaCeMaKeR: keh3
zehan77: eleh.. dok ngaku
zehan77: mesti ada nie..
PeaCeMaKeR: adush
PeaCeMaKeR: xdok ah
PeaCeMaKeR: naya xdok agi *(naya tuh kakak ku)
PeaCeMaKeR: tggu naya lu
zehan77: naya tu milih sgt
zehan77: ira ada doh ni
PeaCeMaKeR: haha
PeaCeMaKeR: xdok eh
PeaCeMaKeR: cri r sorang
PeaCeMaKeR: hihi
zehan77: nok ke?
zehan77: nnti mok gee knal kn loyer..
zehan77: hensem
zehan77: putih lepput
zehan77: tapi dok taula ada dok lagi awek
PeaCeMaker:(Fill in the blank) ^.^

hurm..no komen..anak2 sdare akan jadi mangsa slepas da abeh skola n masuk U neh,adeh.topik hangat stiap kali jmpe neh la,'boipren sihat?', aku rase pas da grad kang tukar lak,'bile nak kawen?' hahah

Monday, May 25, 2009

it's limited editon !

and i owned one.

only 10 pieces in Malaysia.kih3~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

nothing to do,nothing to say,

there are a lot of things to think.

cuti neh nak watpe?
biler bole blk?
balek dgn sape?
soklan neh cne nak jwb?
barang2 neh,muat ke kete?
nak mkn ape?
bile mau makan?
cne nak bajet duit?
bile nak mndi?heh.

at least,
for today,theeese are the things on my mind.But mainly,im thinking about SABTU-day.
last paper!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

walking down the memory lane.

-Khartoum American School-
The Best School Ever !

eventhou i didn graduate my high school there,but for me this school totally change my life and i learned lots of thing there.this is where;

  • i learned bout art,music,and sports.also humanity
  • where i practiced my english from scratch,now my eng really sux.i cant even pronounce well.*sigh*
  • i had done my first charity work by joining an orphanage club
  • the only school dat bring students on a field trip to nile river and also the pyramids
  • mingle aroun many kinds of ppl,different races,different religions but we stil unite as one !
  • i 1st started to read books,and finished all series of fearstreet novel.
  • me and my classmate played basketball during recess
  • me and my classmate played CS during computer class.it was fun !
  • had my 1st theater show n i was a princess?(one of the princesses).haha
  • i met my two besfren.(lost contct alredi)
  • i lost my fav watch during PE.hoho
  • i had done my 1st science project,and my teacher really proud of me.hihi
  • running with my frens to buy popsicle during recess.hehe.

too many things that i learned there,
and sadly,
it had been 6 years since i leaved the school.honestly,i started to forget it.
but today,when i found the pic it help me recall back.
it really make me miss the school.haihh~

the school is nothing without the teachers,they help me out a lot.The teacher that i remmber the most is MRS COBLE,she helped me a lot during my first year there coz i cant barely speak as i cant speak english very well, but then she really made me comfortable in class and at last i was the most talkative student in the class.hahaha.tq2!u never let me down,always gve compliments in everythin i do,correct me when im wrong.i wish i cud contact u back and say THANK YOU !

also many THANKS to all the TEACHERS in TADIKA PERWAJA(94/95),SK SERI KEMAMAN(96/97/98),SK SERI PAKA(98/99),SMK SERI DUNGUN(03/04),MRSM KUANTAN(05/06).

p/s:sekolah aku sumer berseri2.wahahah

Thursday, May 14, 2009

addicted to.


she's hot,cute,cool,sexy and
of course i luv all her songs. :D

katy perry and her kitty purry

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Global Warming.

Global warming

Polar-bear rule limits application

SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2009

The Obama administration has chosen to stay with a Bush-era regulation classifying polar bears as an endangered species but limiting the consideration of global warming in protecting the bears.

The decision upsets environmentalists who had hoped that the plight of the polar bears would become another cause in their campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the Bush administration policy, nothing outside the Arctic region could be considered a threat to polar bears under the Endangered Species law. Environmentalists argue that emissions from activities around the world which cause global warming collectively threatened the polar bear's environment and could be reason to regulate the emissions from factories in the Midwest and automobiles thousands of miles away from the Arctic.

However, the impact of the distant emissions would be difficult to measure while the Endangered Species Act is aimed at limiting more immediate activities such as mining or logging on the environments of threatened or endangered plants and animals.

sebenarnya aku just nak gitau yang UTP sangat PANASSS !

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i do scared of exams.this upcoming final exam.


sudden thought after chat with my gal frens.
im scared of changes.
im afraid that people all around me start to change.
they are alredi changed or starting to change slowly.
and its from good to bad.

they are just showing their true color.
their real self.

i donno who to trust now,
i dont like hypocrites
i dont understand,
why cant they just be their self all the time.
no need to have two split personalities.


most importantly,
i am really scared of me.myself changing.

Ya Allah! Kuatkan iman ku!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey Miss Murder, Can i?

sejak balek umah neh,aku da ketagih guitar hero.
da ley gi jamm psneh.hahaha.


nex week da studi wk den FINAL!
sambung men pas final lak.

p/s:fav song Miss Murder by AFI!lme xlyn lgu neh.teringat zmn dlu~