Saturday, November 28, 2009


i jus notice a fren of mine,
a fren i barely knew la,
he changed his relationship status to sum1 else,
not to dis fren of mine,
i didn noe~
he met sum1 else very fast i guess,
even after they hv been together for more den 3 years...

i hate dat guy now,
but i have no right,
its their life,
i can see my poor fren is in vain,
coz i noe,
he was the love her life,
she tot of marriage,a great famili with him,

now im scared,
its not the first tym i've heard this kind of story,
but many2 times already,
i dun wanna have dat kind of relationship,
which u love so much,
which u wud talk about everyday,
then u lost it in a blink of an eyes,
'love can change',
dats all i noe..

i also noe,
girls are not strong when handling with break ups,
they will show that they r strong,
but deep inside,
only God knows,
but im sure,
my fren is recovering!!
she has lots of back ups!!

Let's us GIRLS show some GIRL's POWER!!


p/s:no man,no cry..

Friday, November 20, 2009

nothing much.

takde benda sgt nak update,
bz ngan exam,
hell weeksss!!
i guess,
dat wat makes being a student different than those whose not,
(sedapkan hati)

i have so many plans,
genting!mrsm gathering!shoppin wit the mader!
openin another blogshop?alredi have it,tp tak official bukak lagi,no items yet,
but im clearing all my old stuffs (vintage?),
which still in good condition,

can't wait to touch my keyboard,
im sure gonna learn lots new songs,
i wish i cud learn playin keyboard properly.huhu.
but the lessons cost so much (ps:im broke!)

i was chattin with my dearest fren,
she was a very good fren of mine since in mrsm,
every sem break,we hang out,
sad news,
she's flying to Germany this january,
cant belive time passd so fast,
now shes leaving me..
sungguh sad :(
but shes goin to further her study not to play aroun..

i donno y,but i felt like im losing so many frens dat are closed to me these days.

*guess where she is?hehehe

Sunday, November 8, 2009

1st post via iPhone

Hari kedua,
Mcm2 app ak letak.seronokkk!
Akhir nya mjadi milikku...~
Test uplod pic:

Neh gmbr bfast pgi td

Pg td jugak,grading adikku,ayub

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great lesson learned !

i've met many people these few days,
either good or bad,
and also collaborating with stranger i neva met,
we just talk n chat as if we've met for years within dis two days,

at last,
we won and we got back what is ours,
and we got a great lesson and experience,
and i got new friend,
whos i neva tot of having or meet,
but thanks to him,
everything settled,
i dunno what happen next,
i guess it is good bye between me and him,
he got his own life and i got mine.

for me,
this is a very good experience and i will never forget it eva!
i really want to see those ppl who helped me
and treat them to dinner or hang out,
especially this new fren of mine,
but i noe we r far away and from different world,
howeva,im glad we get to noe each other.

thank you,thank you so much!
May God bless u owayss!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

wat a day~

is the day il never forget in my life.

it's weird,damn freaky,
but yes,
a very great experience to me.
in good or bad way.

life must go on~

Monday, November 2, 2009

ketagihan membeli-belah.

aku tau,
ramai pompuan de masalah same cam aku,
tapi aku pon tau mereka boleh kawal,
aku tak boleh,
boleh tuh boleh,
tapi sekejap jer,
pastuh balik kepada asal,
dalam hati aku cani r,
"klu xbli kang nyesal lak blk t" (situasi di luar)
"klu xbli kang ade org len ambik,pstuh takde restock da"(situasi di bilik-online)

nak dekat2 exam neh lagi la ketagih nya,
ye bagi aku,
bila shopping atau membeli belah nih,
aku lupa semua benda,(xingat dunia la katakan)
dan keadaan aku masa tuh terbaik la,
paling bahagia,sangat bahagia~

orang kata kat utp takda benda,
cane mau shoppin,
tapi aku still ade internet,
online shopping wes!
ya transfer duit gune cimbclicks,
sok luse brg sampai kat blok O,
senang kan?
barang2 pon tade la mahal,tapi bila da banyak mahal gak kot jadinya.
aku da spend hundreds kot online.heheh
tapi stakat neh xde kena tipu or menyesal lagi la,
sume puas ati!
kadang2 better than expected.
sbb tgok gamba je kn,tiba2 brg sampai.perhhhh~

sekarang neh matlamat aku satu je,
cuti neh nak clear barang2 aku.
jual sume yang tak pakai or tak penah pakai.
sambung bisnes aku yang tgh on hold tuh
dapat duit,bley shopping barang baru.hehe.
shopping tetap di hati,
better than having boyfren kot (sebab aku single hahar)

apa aku mengarut pon aku tatau,
sekarang tgh tggu barang 'paling mahal' ak nah bli.
insyaAllah sok sampai.yeehaaa~

 showing off sumthing dat i bought TODAY.

*the red shoes,hihi