Thursday, July 14, 2011


Thank you,

Terima Kasih,



isn't that hard to say thank you..

Appreciate others and urself today


Monday, July 11, 2011


You might have many friends,thousands of them but are they considered ur frens if today, they treat u like u r the only fren in the world but the nex day they act as if they dunno u.

well, i wud never treat my frens like that.i wud never forget them,il hang out with them if i have much time.

but,my point here is to say wat true frens really are,eventho u used to be closed to them but then things happen and we kinda broken up...:(

still when we hang out,nothin else matter...we go back to wat we used to be :D
(eventho im the VICTIM)

yet we really are like we used to be (after 7 months not meetin) and im glad. :')

lookin foward for more hang-outs!:D

senyum kekenyangan

uberman wanna be.mwahahahah

duwe segan tnjuk rambut baru

some of the dishes yg smpt ditangkp,yg len da masuk peruttt