Sunday, October 28, 2012

tough journey.

I knew this journey starts in hard way,first i lost all my money then i was not recommended to work with was horrible,i felt so hopeless never feel that way all my entire life.luckily i have many supporters,i manage to get through and now i'm back on track! :)

convocation was not something that i anticipated,all that i wanted was a job.i really wish to get a job earlier than the was just my pride or my ego to show that i'm better than the others or maybe my lack of confidence since the rejection...however during my convocation,i learnt that everybody is struggling in this new phase of life,everyone has their own family and responsibility to take.everyone has their own path in life,i just have to follow mine without considering what the others might think cause they don't care.i now have to decide on my own how to live my to make myself happy not the others.yet still i really want to make my parent proud.we'll see how it goes...bismillahirahmanirrahim...

Monday, July 23, 2012

New phase of life.

I've got 48 days left till I enter a new phase of life. In this new phase I have to face everything alone, I decided what I want to do alone. Others can only guide and give advises but I have to make the decision. Honestly, I'm scared but I know I have lots of people that willing to help and give me supports. I hope my plan would work, if not, God must have a better plan for me. :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Perhentian is a lifetime lesson.

Perhentian that i meant here is Pulau Perhentian, I've been there before but with my family 2 years ago. It was an awesome trip,and the corals were still colorful -_-'

So, about 2 weeks ago i went there again with frens,frens i barely knew...
It wasn't the best trip ever not the worst too but it was sumthin ive never been through and i hope its not gonna happen again. Yet it taught me to always stand
by my principle and do wats right. I think i've grown so much after that trip at least i know wats good and wats bad. I love myself so much right now coz i never try hard to fit in! Just be urself and do wats best for you and always think bout ur family :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just something to share.


STAGE 1 (1-3 Months): The Honeymoon Stage

Everything seems perfect, both are happy and feeling “in love.” You share moments, dates and just having fun with each other, sharing laughs and giggles. It’s like nothing could stop you. Your feelings are infinite, and for once you’re thinking, “This may work out….” and it seems like nothing could go wrong. You spend hours getting ready before going out with this person.

*If your relationship ended in this stage — Most likely, both rushed into the relationship too quickly. Being together was all too sudden and just for the moment. When one starts noticing the flaws, one gets a choice to move foward, or back away. Being friends has a high percentage of working out, but nothing to stress over. Both may just need the time to get to know one another better.

STAGE 2 (4-6 months): The Bumpy Road

Things are going okay now. The relationship is calm and settled; both are still mostly happy. Had a couple arguments and disagreements here and there, nothing huge. Start to notice some of each other’s flaws and aspects of their personalities not seen before, but still truly care for one another.

*If your relationship ended in this stage — You truly cared about this person. You had the energy to fight for this person, yet you feel as if something was lacking, something was missing. It doesn’t feel right, one isn’t happy. When one isn’t happy, one tends to walk away to seek their new happiness. Being friends is still a possibility.

STAGE 3 (7-12 months): The Rocky Mountain

You start to realize who your partner really is. A few more arguments may occur. Problems with jealously, overprotectiveness may arise. Other people may come in the picture. The “in love” moments start to decrease, but you feel as if you’ve “fallen in love.” You tend to have this energy inside to strive and “make it work,” and you feel more comfortable being around this person, feeling more of yourself.

*If your relationship ends in this stage — You feel as if you’re hurt, depending on the circumstances. You were so sure that that person was “The One.” You were so SURE that he/she was different. But like a cancer, a problem that may have happened, a small issue, grew into something larger that took over what was made between two people. You still miss this person from time to time. You still remember the memories. Being friends may be difficult right away, but over time, you slowly mature up, and learn the reality of it.

STAGE 4 (1 year or more): The Long Road

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years, huh? This person truly means something to you. You are “in love” with this person. He/she made a difference in your life. No one else knows you more than this person. You guys have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and still strive to make it last.

*If your relationship ends in this stage — You feel heartbroken; it’s tough. You can’t sleep, can’t eat, you miss him/her, you try to move on, you try meeting new people, but seems like nothing works. For whatever reason the split occured, it must’ve been something important, or something must have been so wrong that it took over. Being “just friends” is impossible, because if you tried to be friends, you wouldn’t be able to think of them in any other way besides the one you once “loved.”

p/s: These are so true based on my own experiences and other ppl around me. :|

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

dua kosong satu dua.

Macam-macam berlaku tahun lepas (2011),mendapat pengajaran terbesar dalam 22 tahun aku hidup dan juge berjaya menambah koleksi2 indah yg banyak bersama kwn2 dan keluarga :D

i didn regret the worst situation that i had been thru coz i know my life jus get started. i was a weak wobbly girl but not anymore,i cud face the world better today and tomorow than yesterday...

i am also glad i have everyone by my side,i met new frens,new besfrens and most importantly the new me!hehe. I had so much fun in 2011 eventhou i forgot half of it which i will continue to forget as if it didn happen,it was just a bad dream to introduce me to the evil world.

2012 had started off great!!yeahh since it was holidays and im broke already!spend too much money on shoppin and foods but i didnt care coz im doing all that with the people i love.

i wish i cud thank everyone that always made my day. Thank you for the loves y'all!!

p/s: i wanted to make a collage pics of wats happenin last year.but its too manyyyyyyyyy ;D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


baru-baru ni aku kehilangan barang paling berharga dalam hidup aku.
antara barang2 berharga laa.
nasib baik yang lain selamat.huhu
aku seperti mak kehilangan anak selama sejam.
ke hulur ke hilir,tertonggek-tonggek mencari-cari.
selepas tuh aku give up,memang sah! kena curi takle watpe da.
dengan perasaan berbaur cuak dan sedih.
cuak sebab aku tak hafal no sape2 pon selain mak aku dan no aku sendiri.hehe
sedih sebab...aku rase kehilangan half of me.
very sad indeed,breakup pon aku tak nangis.

so, i broke down in the train,cryin my heart out.then, a girl about my age comforted me,so sweet of her...huhu

5 minit kemudian aku decide...beli baru!!its not the end of the world just yet.i'll buy sumthin a lot more awesome.otak aku mula la berkira-kira duit yang aku ade. teehee.

selepas aku buat loan dengan ah yoh campur ngan saving sket, 16 disember tarikh keramat.aku da dapat pengganti :D gumbira nak mampus.tersengih sepanjang hari sehingga hari ini :)

itu la, patah tumbuh hilang berganti. ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Carrie Underwood- Quitter

Here's how it goes

Boy meets girl, girl leaves boy
That's all I know
All I've done, all my life

'Cause throughout history
I've only been with jerks
Who couldn't take it
But you see the picket fence
the swing on the front porch
With us two on it

When I believe that nothing lasts forever
You stay with me, keeping us together
And make me feel like I never ever wanna give you up
'Til now, I've always been a quitter

You rescued me
Saved my life just in time
Saw past all my issues and scars
And made me try

'Cause oh, the way you're kissing me
Makes it hard to breathe
But I still like it
Oh oh, it truly feels like a dream
You know exactly how I want it

I believe that nothing lasts forever
You stay with me, keeping us together
And make me feel like I never ever wanna give you up
'Til now, I've always been a quitter

I've always been a quitter

When I believe that nothing lasts forever
You stay with me, keeping us together
And make me feel like I never ever wanna give you up
'Til now, I've always been a quitter

I've always been a quitter

p/s:i haven't met u yet ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Taking chances.

this post is about sumone not taking his chances.
he had so many chances but none,he did nothing.
maybe he is just not interested at all.
anyhow that was it.
no more chances.
well, at least i tried. if it's not workin then it is not meant to be.