Sunday, October 28, 2012

tough journey.

I knew this journey starts in hard way,first i lost all my money then i was not recommended to work with was horrible,i felt so hopeless never feel that way all my entire life.luckily i have many supporters,i manage to get through and now i'm back on track! :)

convocation was not something that i anticipated,all that i wanted was a job.i really wish to get a job earlier than the was just my pride or my ego to show that i'm better than the others or maybe my lack of confidence since the rejection...however during my convocation,i learnt that everybody is struggling in this new phase of life,everyone has their own family and responsibility to take.everyone has their own path in life,i just have to follow mine without considering what the others might think cause they don't care.i now have to decide on my own how to live my to make myself happy not the others.yet still i really want to make my parent proud.we'll see how it goes...bismillahirahmanirrahim...

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