Saturday, January 21, 2012

dua kosong satu dua.

Macam-macam berlaku tahun lepas (2011),mendapat pengajaran terbesar dalam 22 tahun aku hidup dan juge berjaya menambah koleksi2 indah yg banyak bersama kwn2 dan keluarga :D

i didn regret the worst situation that i had been thru coz i know my life jus get started. i was a weak wobbly girl but not anymore,i cud face the world better today and tomorow than yesterday...

i am also glad i have everyone by my side,i met new frens,new besfrens and most importantly the new me!hehe. I had so much fun in 2011 eventhou i forgot half of it which i will continue to forget as if it didn happen,it was just a bad dream to introduce me to the evil world.

2012 had started off great!!yeahh since it was holidays and im broke already!spend too much money on shoppin and foods but i didnt care coz im doing all that with the people i love.

i wish i cud thank everyone that always made my day. Thank you for the loves y'all!!

p/s: i wanted to make a collage pics of wats happenin last year.but its too manyyyyyyyyy ;D

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